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Step out of the sidelines and into the action with exciting new card games

Stop in today and add to your current deck, play in an event, or simply learn more about all of the exciting TCG games. We hold events for competitive and casual players!




Optimal Gaming Environment

We have enough table space for 80 players to play comfortable without rearranging anything! No more playing outside or being cramped into a store where moving is a luxury! We value our table space so much that we try to find creative ways to display product rather than trying to find creative ways to find more playing space!!!! This mentality is one thing that makes us different than other stores. For us, table space for gaming comes first….the retail product is the afterthought….not the gaming space!

Magic the Gathering

The Dugout offers a large selection of Standard and Non-Standard Magic singles, complete with commons, uncommons and rares! We hold casual nights and tournament events weekly. Tables are always available to play with friends at NO CHARGE!!!!

  • Singles for Standard and Non-Standard
  • FNM
  • Sunday Magic Tournaments
  • Tuesday Commander League
  • Wednesday Standard Tournament
  • Thursday Modern Tournament
  • PreReleases
  • Dugout Shenanigans


From Sneak Peaks to Weekly Friday Tournaments, The Dugout provides a family friendly environment for players to battle their friends! You never know what might happen at The Dugout! We have new Shenanigans every time you turn around!

Pokemon League

Kids are always a pleasure at The Dugout! Every Wednesday & Saturday we welcome Pokemon League! Whether you are playing the card game, or the DS, Pokemon League has something for everyone! We hold monthly tournaments and weekly deck building support from experienced Pokemon players!

Cardfight Vanguard

Every Friday, you will find Vanguard players trading and battling at The Dugout. We have a weekly tournaments and we hold every Sneak Preview! We have players from all around gathering at The Dugout to play Vanguard! Prizes include Promo Vanguard packs AND Booster Packs!


Stop in today or give us a call to learn more about our new gaming cards.




336 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd., Suite 3, Hickory, NC 28602